GleamMy name is Adin Aronson. I am a software developer for an Ausralian company. We currenly develop using ASP.NET/C#/AJAX technologies. My work experience includes JAVA, JDBC, EJB, ASP, VB, COM, DCOM, SQL... I previously worked at EDS Israel on a J2EE project using IBM's Websphere Application Developer and DB2 on an AS/400 server. Before that I worked on the Sanhedrin project - Computerizing the Israeli parliament.

I served for 3 years in the Israel Defense Forces. I served in BAKUM. starting out in a warehouse giving uniforms to the freshly drafted troops. I then became an arms inspector eventually getting to the warehouse logistics office. The army was agreat place to meet people from different socioeconomic groups and learn we are pretty much all the same.

I am a citizen of ISRAEL Israel Knesset Web Site Which, by the way, is celebrating over 60 years to its existence!

Please read my latest addition to the web site (Like) A Love Story

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