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Here is my collection of old Computers I own. The list is chronological order of my owning them:

Apple Macintosh 512k - The original Macintosh. Has all the developers signatures on the inside of the case, coool! Runs on the Motorola 68000 Processor at 8 MHz with 256k of RAM. After the motherboard gave out we put in a 512k motherboard. It was given to me in 1989 (I think) by my parent's friends - The Rowens
    Processor:  Motorola 68000 Processor at 8 MHz
    Processor Speed: 8 MHz
    RAM: 256k upgraded to 512k
    Year Introduced: 1984
    Accessories: External Floppy disk drive (does not work)

Atari 1040 STf
- A great computer. With 1 MB of RAM, it runs on an 8MHz Motorola 68000 processor just like the compact Macs but had much better graphics including color (could show 16 out of a palette of 512) which the Macs (using the same processor) did not have. As far as I'm concerned it blew away its competition when it came out! I got it from my parents friends - The Shwartze's.
    Processor: Motorola 68000
    Processor Speed: 8 MHz
    RAM: 1 MB
    Year Introduced: 1985
    Accessories: none

Apple Macintosh Plus - For now it doesn't work. The screen shows a vertical line when turned on. My brother should be fixing it. I took it from my mother's company 'Geodepth' since they were throwing it out in 1997. It came with a 40 MB external HD.
    Processor: Motorola 68000
    Processor Speed: 8 MHz
    RAM: 1 MB
    Year Introduced: 1986
    Accessories: missing the keyboard and mouse

Apple Macintosh Classic
- A very modern computer in its generation, when it came out PCs where in the 286 era. This computer had multitasking and can run System 7.5.5 and Word 5!. The Mac Classic is the only Mac to have system software in ROM. All you have to do to get the Mac loaded up from ROM is to hold down the apple key, option and XO at startup. The ROM contains system 6.0.3. Mine has a 40 MB internal HD and an external 40 MB HD. I also have an external 14.4 Prometheus modem connected. I am able to e-mail and surf the net with it. My mother brought it over from the States in 1997, it was a gift from my cousin Hillel.
    Processor: Motorola 68000
    Processor Speed: 8 MHz
    RAM: 4 MB
    Year Introduced: 1991
    Accessories: External 40 MB HD and Prometheus 14.4 voice modem

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Plus
- Bought on EBay for 10 British Pounds from Jason Daniels in England (11/2000). More...
    Processor: Zilog Z80A
    Processor Speed: 3.75 MHz
    RAM: 64 KB
    Year Introduced: December, 1984
    Accessories: Cables to connect to TV plus original transformer.

Apple Macintosh LC
- Got this one along with 2 Mac Pluses and a Mac SE by pure chance. I walked into the next office over, while at work, to make a phone call since the phone in my office was being used. As I walked in I noticed a bunch of Mac computers, keyboards, mice and cables strewn on the floor. I immediately asked the woman what was going on, she said they were throwing the whole lot out. Within 10 minutes the whole pile was in the trunk of my Daewoo Lanos. The computers were in Horrible shape, full of grime and stickers. One keyboard looked like coffee had spilled on it and another had two keys broken Cleaned it all up and super glued the keys back in (11/2000).
    Processor: Motorola 68020
    Processor Speed:
16 MHz
    RAM: 10 MB
    Year Introduced: October of 1990
Apple Keyboard II, Mouse, Apple 12" RGB Monitor, First Mac I own to show color
    (256),External 20MB HD.

Apple Macintosh SE FDHD
- Read about the LC to see how I got this one. The FDHD means it has the now standard 1.44 disk drive (double the 800k of the original SEs). If you hit the interrupt switch and type the string "G 41D89A" without the parenthesis, you'll get a slide show of four pictures of the SE development team (11/2000).
    Processor: Motorola 68000
    Processor Speed:
8 MHz
    RAM: 2.5 MB
    Year Introduced: March 1987
    Accessories: Keyboard, Mouse.

Apple Macintosh Plus
- Read about the LC to see how I got this one. This one is in horrible condition but I got it cleaned up. (11/2000)
    Processor: Motorola 68000
    Processor Speed:
8 MHz
    RAM: 2.5 MB
    Year Introduced: 1986
    Accessories: Keyboard, Mouse.

Apple Power Macintosh 6100/60
- Got this one from someone in the Industrial Area of Holon near were I worked. It is my first PowerPC powered Mac, It also happenes to be the first PowerPC powered Mac manufactured! It has 8 Megs soldered on to the motherboard with an extra 32 Megs added to the SIMM slots. Though the original probebly came with 250 MB HD this one was upgraided to 1GB. Currently is has Systme 7.6.1 on it, But I think I will upgrade to System 8 point something to get full a PowerPC native OS. (12/2000)
    Processor: Motorola PPC 601
    Processor Speed:
60 MHz, 64 Bit 30MHz bus
    RAM: 40 MB
    Year Introduced: March 1994
    Accessories: Apple Extended Keyboard II, Mouse, Internal 1 GB Hard disk, External 2x SCSI CD-ROM,
Apple 14" Monitor

Apple ][c
- Baught on Ebay. (1/1/2000)
    Processor: MOStek 65C02
    Processor Speed: 1 MHz
    RAM: 128 KB
    Year Introduced: April 1984
    Accessories: External power supply, cables.


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