Simple Disc Cataloger 1.1.0 (SDC)

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Yet Another Cataloging Program for your data and music CDs. But for free!

The source code can be downloaded here (approx. 300 kb).

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SDC Detailed Help and Documentation.

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Screen Shot (Click to enlarge)

screenshot of SDC


Detailed Description

I began this project after my library of programs, files, and the assorted bits of code I've collected over the years grew to such a large number of CDs that every time I wanted something I'd often give up the search long before I finished going through the CDs. I searched the net for such a program and even found a couple of good shareware ones. But, Since I'm such a cheap bloke, I embarked on my own little project. In the spirit of freeware and open source code I decided to post the code for anyone interested. The program basically can scan a folder, CD or even a whole hard disk. It will record the file name, location and size. The user can add comments about any file folder or drive. There is also a search engine which can search according to the names of the files or the comments the user added. Currently the program can be run in English, Hebrew, Russian or German.

Technology used

I use MS Visual Basic 6, DAO 3.6 and the MS Access database. I use code provided at created by Jon F Zahornacky and Peter Schmiedseder to get music CD info


If you think something should be added. If you find a bug in the code. Have questions or for any other reason wish to contact me, e-mail me at adin[at] I will try to reply as quickly as possible.


To David Hainoviz for contributions to code.

To Thomas Dittel for German translation.

To Michael Kogan for Russian translation.

To M. Baris Dogan for Turkish translation.

Adin Aronson

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